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I take care of all the finances for my household. For the most part, that means allocating or deciding, what to spend our disposable income on.

Who doesn’t like to spend money or at least window shop for new things? It’s fun. It’s exciting. It can also be time-consuming if you are like me and have to find the best deal out there.

But just because you can buy something, should you?

I’ve decided that I don’t need any more “stuff”. What I feel I’m missing most are memories, not another TV, car or gadget. So I’ve set myself up on a journey to de-clutter my house, my life and my mind of unnecessary things.

Whether you realize it or not, all of your things carry with them responsibilities and that weighs you down and prevents you from creating new experiences.

My husband will retire in a few years and I want us to be ready to truly embrace life and not be worried about money or possessions.

So I’ve made a list, my bucket list, for the next year on how to achieve just that.

1. Have Only One Car

Since I have stopped working, the need for 2 cars evaporated and we have already downsized to one. But I must admit it’s hard. When my husband is at work, I am stuck at home. Many times in this past year I have gone car shopping. Thank goodness I didn’t go through with the purchase. Another car just means more money spent on car payments, gas, insurance and repairs. I do not want to get bogged down by more debt. I probably would do more shopping if I had another car too! Lol My goal is to learn to adapt to owning only one car.

2. Downsize House

By next year this time, I hope to be in a smaller house. Having a large house is such a burden on your finances, time and thoughts. Not to mention a constant worry.

Finances: We need to be as close to mortgage free before my husband retires.

Time: All I do is clean this place.

Thoughts: There is so many improvements I can do.

Worry: There are always unexpected repairs as well as regular maintenance.

3. Reduce Possessions

My things seem to carry so much mental weight for me. I am a huge worrier. I want to take care of my things. I worry that they will be broken and then I will need to replace them. I also worry that my things will get stolen. I hate going on vacation because I worry about my stuff at home. I know it’s silly but if I plan on travelling once my husband retires, I must be free of this worry to enjoy myself.

As you get older, you definitely think more about your own mortality. You start to think about what is important. And like the saying goes, “you can’t take it with you”. So I’m going to rid myself of things and the stress and worry that goes along with them and create the one thing I can take with me, memories.

Have you found eliminating “stuff” from your life greatly improved your own happiness?

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