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How to Get a Recruiter’s Attention with Your Resume

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Employers source the best candidates for a job role by reviewing a resume. To attract the attention of a potential recruiter, job seekers must present their experiences proficiently. There are many ways to spruce up your qualifications on a resume without exaggerating.

You can either create your resume on your own or use resume templates that will get you hired easily. But even with a readymade template, you must round up major points to demonstrate your work experience and skills.

Here are some quick resume writing tips you can use to land an interview:

Whether you are looking for a supplemental income job after retirement or want to change careers in midlife, here are ways to get the attention of recruiters and get an interview.

Keep Your Content Short and Direct

The most important rule about resume-writing is that you need to keep the content short, concise, and specific to the role. Add a cover letter to your application if you want to talk about your professional experience in detail. Mention those job roles that demonstrate your experience in a role that’s similar to the one you’re applying for. Use simple language that’s direct in a resume so recruiters can understand your profile better.

Mention Relevant Skills and Experiences

It’s never a good idea to use the same resume for every job application. It distracts recruiters and keeps them from understanding your true potential. Instead, create a resume that targets the specific job you are applying for. Even with an extensive career, you should include only experience relevant to the position you’re eyeing. For instance, you can mention learning a new skill set to demonstrate technical expertise.

Demonstrate Your Experience With Metrics

When talking about your responsibilities for any role, quantify your experience with metrics. For instance, business development executives mention the number of conversions they’ve achieved in a previous role. Metrics help highlight your achievements, allowing recruiters to understand your worth in the job market. When a recruiter performs a background check, these metrics can elevate your candidature.  

Optimize Text for ATS (Applicant Tracking Software)

Most companies use ATS to analyze and filter resumes in the hiring process. So, it’s important to optimize your resume with appropriate key terms relevant to the role. As a result, any software that scans your resume will automatically consider you, increasing your chances of clearing the first round of the hiring process.

Proofread and Edit Your Resume Draft

Before submitting your resume, make sure you’ve gone through the content thoroughly. Proofreading your draft is necessary if you want to make a grand first impression. Recruiters are most likely to dismiss candidates who make grammatical errors in their resume. As a result, many job seekers face immediate rejection in the very first stage of the hiring funnel. To address this issue, you must avoid typos and format the content properly.

Mention Your Social Media Profiles

To save time and effort, most hiring managers screen candidates across social platforms. For this reason, it’s important to mention a social media profile on your resume, especially if the job is related to marketing. Applicants who maintain a professional social presence on LinkedIn are more likely to get picked versus those who are off-grid. A social media profile is a powerful recruitment tool, as it validates your candidature online

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.