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3 Steps To Get Your Mind Manifestation Ready

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Manifestation has become a bit of a buzzword lately. It may seem like everyone, from celebrities like Oprah to your yoga teacher, is confidently sharing their “How I manifested xyz” stories these days.

What’s really behind this “manifesting” trend? Is it just a fancy way of describing positive thinking – or the key to unlimited power?

What is “manifestation?”

To manifest something is to bring it into existence. People all over the world are learning how to bring their dream lives into existence, simply by changing the way they think and feel about what they desire!

You’ve likely heard of the “Law of Attraction” concept before:

  • Like attracts like.
  • What you resist persists.
  • Our thoughts create our reality.
  • You can manifest absolutely anything you desire.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to enjoy a never-ending stream of good luck and amazing experiences falling into their lap? And that others never seem to catch a break, no matter what they do?

It’s not luck or coincidence. People who expect good things to happen to them recognize opportunities when they show up and are ready to jump in and experience what they’ve asked for.


How Does Manifestation Work?

Conscious manifestation is all in your mindset. If your energy is a match to the energy of an experience you want to have or a person you want to experience happiness with, then it (or they) will come into your experience.

This does not always happen in exactly the way we think we want. For example, you may think that you want a specific person to fall in love with you. Yet it somehow never comes together with them. But then someone who is an even better match comes along, unexpectedly, and loves us in all the ways we hoped the first person would.

Manifestation is all about focusing on the way you want to feel, not so much on the exact way to get there.

Three Steps to Get Your Mind Manifestation-Ready

The process of manifestation can be broken down into this basic process: “Ask, Believe, Receive.” It really is that simple, but there are some key things to keep in mind, so you are not throwing blocks down on your path. Let’s look at how each of these components works:

1. Ask the universe for what you want

The first part of step one is unconscious. We all desire things. Anything that we ever want is because we believe that having it will make us feel better or happier than we would without it. Even if you received every single thing that you want right now, you’d find more to desire before long. It’s human nature. We are always expanding.

However, a desire on its own is not enough. How many broke people do you know who daydream daily about winning the lottery?

The way to draw these things that you want toward you (and leave behind those you don’t want!) is to be mindful of what kind of energy is fuelling your desire. The part that so many people stumble over is focusing on what they don’t want more than on what they do!

Instead of “I don’t want to be broke” think “I want to be wealthy and comfortable.” Or instead of “I don’t want to fight with my daughter anymore” turn it around to “I want to feel harmonious and happy when I talk with my daughter.”

Try to avoid using “negative” words about your desire whenever possible. For example, “I want a happy, healthy relationship with someone who treats me well” is far more effective than “I want to meet someone without anger issues who also isn’t a cheater.”

If you are focused on what you want to avoid, the energy of that thing (in this example, a volatile partner with a wandering eye) aligns with you – making it more likely that it’s exactly what you’ll attract. What you resist persists.

2. Believe you will have it

Believing that your wishes can and will come true is a crucial step and one that many would-be manifestors trip over.

This step is all about tapping into the feeling of your dream having already come true. Try going through your day acting as if what you want has already arrived – or that it’s going to arrive any day now.

Focus on the feeling of what you want as often as you want during the day. Try not to slip into “planning mode.” If thinking about your desire starts to feel stressful, or doubt starts to creep in, that’s the time to switch gears and think about something else for a while.

You’ve already put the energy of what you want out there, you don’t have to watch for it with a hawk’s eye. It’s like ordering food at a restaurant – you don’t keep running back to the kitchen to make sure the cook remembers to start cooking your meal!

Trust that what you want will come to you in the best way and best timing possible.

Whether your heart’s desire is money, travel, improved relationships, or accolades and fame, I’m going to bet that someone out there has a version of it. And that means it’s just as possible for you to have it, too!

3. Be ready to receive it

Be on the lookout for evidence that what you want is coming. Focus on feeling a sense of gratitude for each hint of your wish being granted.

Gratitude is a powerful energy state that can super-charge your manifestation powers. The state of pure appreciation for what you do have (instead of frustration with what is still missing) naturally brings more things to feel grateful for.

Be open to your desires coming to you in unexpected ways. If you get a sudden urge to go to a certain place or call a certain person, follow it! Delightful surprises and synchronicity consistently pop up when we expect good things to happen.

Still skeptical? I encourage you to give it a try. However, you’ve got to believe it’s possible. If the voice in your head is whispering “This is silly. This won’t actually work.” Then guess what? It probably won’t.

If you need a dose of confidence and inspiration, there are thousands of videos on YouTube and articles across the internet filled with success stories of those who have manifested their dreams – as well as inspirational books such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Ask and it is Given by Abraham Hicks.

You’ve got nothing to lose by shifting your thoughts to a positive place, and potentially the whole world to gain!

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