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3 Surprisingly Fun Ways to Find Love After 50

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Dating after 50 is commonplace today, but completely different then when you were young. It seems like everything has been turned upside down when it comes to finding love after 50.

As a result, you may feel confused about how to even get started. Or, if you are dating now, you might wonder how to find a decent guy to just have a cup of coffee with!

First, you need to get really clear about what you want. If you want to find a serious, lasting love, you have a different path to follow then someone who doesn’t want to get involved and just wants a little male company occasionally.

If you want long-term love and a romantic partnership, honour that desire and go for the real deal. Here are three ways that are a little bit counter intuitive for meeting men, but surprisingly fun. And the best part is they absolutely work.

Dating Advice For Over 50

1. Talk to Strangers

When was the last time you spoke to someone you didn’t know? A lot of people stick with the people they know and keep to themselves. That won’t help you meet men or find love!

It’s time to shake things up and start talking to strangers. When you are out, if you set an intention for this, there will be many opportunities to talk with someone new, even if briefly. This is such a smart strategy to practice because repetition will make this a lot easier.

The good news about talking to strangers is that once you do this often enough, you become a woman who talks to men. Your confidence will rise and so will your power of attraction! Men find a confident, happy woman intriguing and magnetic, so this works to your advantage for sure.

2. Chill Out!

This is about learning to relax in the process, but with a twist. You still need to go out to meet men or get online to set up dates. The twist is, you are going to be chill about it. In other words, you are just going to meet a bunch of new men and stop worrying if each one could be “The One”.

The point is to take the pressure off each man and yourself. Instead, see if you can have a simple, enjoyable conversation over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine for an hour. That’s it. Then meet another guy with the same detachment.

When you are relaxed and not trying to put a man through your qualifying process with pointed questions that are no fun to answer, you will enjoy dating more.

Some women think this will be a big waste of time. Not true! You will feel more comfortable and be better at the first date chit chat that helps a man feel relaxed and comfortable too.

A lot of single women over 40 forget that he’s also qualifying you. Men choose women who make them FEEL good. Stop grilling your date and chill out! Enjoy him and the date for what it is – a chemistry check to see if you want a second date – and if he wants one too.

3. Rekindle Your Inner Goddess

Maybe it’s been some time since you last dated. If you were married or living with someone for 10, 15 or 20 years, you must realize how much dating has changed.

One of the biggest changes is YOU. When you were younger, being your feminine self probably came naturally. But now you may be out of touch and out of practice. You’ve got to wake up your inner Goddess!

Too many midlife women rely on their business skills to try to get the ball rolling with a man. This backfires because you can end up in the friendzone or the networking space, but NOT the romantic spot you were hoping for.

Business Skills Squash Romance

Your business skills can quickly extinguish any spark of romance because this is using your masculine energy to succeed. (We all have both types of energy.) Definitely nothing loving in business. That’s why you need to connect to your inner Goddess (she’s in there!) and remember how to flirt.

When you are playful, coy, creative and light-hearted with your conversation, you will pique a man’s interest because you are appealing to his masculine nature. And that FEELS GOOD to a man. (Refer back to Tip #2.)

Flirting is not shady or cheesy. It’s fun and captures a man’s attention. You are not dumbing down at all – you are using your feminine wiles. And flirting does not make any promises or lead a man on- its’ just a fun way to interact that interests a man.

Get over whatever limiting, Puritanical ideas you have about your feminine nature and flirting and learn to work it girlfriend. This is how you enjoy the true power of being a woman and find LOVE!

Find Love After 50 With These 3 Proven Tips

If you start applying these three proven tips, you are going to see definite changes in your love life. With over 17 years as a love and dating coach, these tips have been proven to work over and over again. They are a never-fail plan to connect with quality men and find the lasting love you long for.

Women who try these suggestions are often surprised at how easy they are and how well they work. If you’ve been thinking about love for a long time or just started to consider dating, what have you got to lose?

On the other hand, think how much fun this could be! What if you approached this like an experiment just to see what could happen? That’s even better and another way to take the pressure off.

Finding love again in midlife is completely possible. I found love and married for the first time at 43. Millions of people find love in their 50s and 60s today as well.

Anything is possible if you give it a shot. Give yourself the chance you deserve so you can find and enjoy an epic, lasting romance with a man who cherishes you like no other.

About the author:

Love and Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan has been helping successful single women over 40 find love for over 17 years. She’s been featured on the BBC, NPR, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, MSN,, YourTango and more. Listen to her Free audio program on 5 Surefire Tips to Attract a Quality Guy

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