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10 Fashionable Cold Weather Essentials

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It’s starting to get colder outside, and that means it’s time to start packing on the layers! If you live in an area that gets snow and freezing temperatures like I do, you’ll need clothing that retains heat. Preferably, you’ll also want fashionable pieces that you can wear often. After all, can only wear your ugly Christmas sweater with so many outfits!

These cold weather fashion essentials are versatile – you can wear them with many different outfits, and they’ll also keep you warm. Their neutral colours to make them easier to pair with other items in your closet, and their fabrics are perfect for even the coldest climates. Before winter officially begins, make sure you have these pieces on hand! Sizes and colours sell out fast so grab these fast.

10 Stylish Winter Style Staples 

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1. Puffer Coat

These coats are form-fitting and insulated, keeping you warm without adding too much bulkiness. Their quilted texture keeps you warm, and they’re basic enough to wear with every outfit. Grab a black coat from your local department store, since this piece of outerwear tends to get visibly dirty. You should also consider length and whether or not you need a hood when making your purchase.

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2. “Texting” Gloves

Are you tired of having to take off your gloves every time you get a text? These gloves have textured fingertips, making it easier to use your phone while wearing them. The fingertip pads work best with devices that don’t have glass screen protectors. Make sure you’re getting actual touchscreen gloves and not just gloves with coloured fingertips!

If you’re buying your gloves in a store (as opposed to online), try them on before you buy them to make sure they work. See if you can make a phone call or send a text before you spend extra money on the touchscreen compatibility – the pair you were about to buy might not be so compatible with your phone!

3. Fleece-Lined Leggings

Leggings with fleece on the inside will keep you far warmer than regular leggings. You’ll still be able to wear all of your favorite outfits from fall! You can also wear these under your jeans or work pants for some extra warmth. As an added bonus, the high-waisted styles will cover more of you and prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

Once you’ve picked up a pair of essential neutral-coloured leggings, try a patterned pair!

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4. Thermal Shirt

Wear a plain thermal shirt on its own, with a puffer vest, or underneath a sweater. These long-sleeved essentials make layering easy – they’re typically form-fitting to keep from adding bulkiness to your silhouette. Having a black thermal in your closet should be mandatory!

You can find the highest quality thermal attire at sporting goods stores, since they cater to people who partake in winter sports.

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5. Sturdy Snow Boots

Let’s face it: most of your shoes won’t last in the snow. Step up your boot game with shoes that can handle the cold, snow, and slush. Brands like Timberland and The North Face are always safe options. Keep in mind that some of the best brands are expensive, but the boots will hold up for years. Regardless of which brand you purchase, make sure the boots are waterproof!

If you choose an UGG boot, make sure you’re buying a winter boot and not the suede booties. While they’re comfortable and work with almost any winter outfit, the basic UGGs won’t help you much on slushy sidewalks.

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6. Infinity Scarf


Infinity scarfs get their name from their circular shape. They’re easy to style, and typically don’t have eccentric prints on them. They make have fringe or other embellishments, but they’re otherwise fairly basic. Grab a few scarves in neutral colours to wear them with any outfit. The thing I like the most about these scarves is that if you ever need a hood, you can drape the excess fabric over your head!

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7. Knit Beanies


Add some texture to your outfit with a knit beanie. These hats will keep you warm while you’re outside, but many people wear them indoors as well. When it comes to beanies, there’s no reason to splurge on name brands – they’re all similar in quality.

Beanies that were knit with thicker yarn may add some volume to your hairdo, and hats with looser stitches are more breathable. There aren’t many things that are less comfortable than a sweaty scalp!

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8. Sweater Dress


A plain-coloured sweater dress can be worn in so many different ways! Add a thick belt to highlight your waist, wear a pair of leggings underneath, or pair it with a cardigan. You can find these fun, yet basic pieces come in a variety of lengths, necklines, and sleeve styles. Try a jewel-toned dress to add some color to your wardrobe.

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9. High-Quality Jeans


This winter, get a thick pair of jeans that won’t rip at the thighs. Jeggings may look good on you, but they won’t keep you warm. Avoid fast fashion stores for jeans that will likely get worn a few times a week. Remember: it’s cheaper to buy one expensive pair of jeans that last the whole season than it would be to replace all of your less expensive pairs that don’t hold up!

If you plan on wearing leggings underneath your jeans, buy a relaxed fit to add space for the extra fabric.

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10. Puffer Vest


These essential vests use the same materials as puffer coats, and they’re just as form-fitting. The only difference is that they don’t have sleeves. Puffer vests are the perfect outwear for late fall or late winter, when the weather doesn’t warrant a full-on winter coat. You can also wear these vests indoors in casual settings.

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All of your winter outfits could use at least one of these cold weather fashion staples. Since they’re so essential to creating polished outfits, you can find each item on this list at a price you’re comfortable with. How will you style your wardrobe essentials this winter?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.