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Great style doesn’t have to be expensive. There are beautifully dressed women who spend little on their clothes and poorly dressed women who spend a small fortune. The trick is buying what fits and flatters your shape, coloring and lifestyle. No amount of money can fix tacky.

Style has the power to transform your confidence. Working from the outside in, women can boost their confidence by hitting their Style Sweet Spot. Your style sweet spot is when you feel confident about your appearance and know you are sending the message you want people to see.

Investment dressing is a great way to keep clothing costs down. The other, is buying more affordable clothing. One of my favorite places to shop for them is Target.

Here is the what and why, I bought at Target this week.


I started with this blouse. It’s a soft, silky feeling fabric. A stiffer fabric would have looked more casual.

Style Tip- The placket covering the buttons makes the blouse more feminine and elegant looking. It’s lack of pattern and neutral color also makes it more elegant.

The earrings are a modern shape and the silver goes well with my cool coloring. I spotted this necklace in the case and loved it. The rustic shape of the faux “stones” make a nice contrast to the silky blouse. The stones are uneven and bumpy which adds texture!

Style Tip- Texture near your face reduces the appearance of texture/wrinkles on your face and neck.

I added boot-cut denim jeans.

Style Tip- Dark wash denim is less casual than lighter washes. White is the exception to this rule.

There are no fraying or worn spots. Don’t get me started on distressed jeans with holes! That trend flatters no one! I topped this with an open, 3/4 length, knit vest.

I love long vests for this reason.  A navy and white striped wristlet carries all I need for lunch out with girlfriends.

Style Tip- A 3/4 vest slims your silhouette by obscuring the sides of your body. The choice of a smooth knit, with no details or pattern makes it more versatile and classic.

Some fun sunglasses and I’ve hit my Style Sweet Spot.



Your budget needn’t limit your style options. Great style is available at all price points!





Total= $73.97


I wanted everything in this outfit to come from Target, so I added wristlet-$16.99, earrings-$7.99, necklace-$27.99, shoes-$29.99, sunglasses-$14.99. The entire outfit totalled $173.92.

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