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Estee Lauder Makeover & Free Gift With Purchase 2018

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I am not a makeup person. Mainly because I am too damn lazy. This translates to, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”, when it does come time to dress up for a special occasion.

Seriously, when you’re young and your skin is clear and taunt, everything looks good but when you get older and your skin starts to sag and become opaque, not so much.

I have finally broken down and decided to get professional headshots done. I have an appointment booked for the end of June. In an effort to not to look like a ghost with some lipstick painted on, I have decided to get my hair and makeup professionally done. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I booked a trial run this past weekend to see if I like how I turn out.

Heather at the Estée Lauder counter at The Bay at Limeridge Mall was recommended to me by the photographer. I went to go speak with her and was pleasantly surprised that there was a promotion for free product going on.

Since I needed some new face cream anyway, I took advantage of the free gift with purchase.

This is what I bought:

This Estee Lauder set is great for your daily skin care routine.

This is what I got free!

This revitalizing Estee Lauder set is great for aging skin.

Plus this nice bag!

This adorable purple floral tote comes with the Estee Lauder tote.

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The only thing I have tried so far is the Estee Lauder DayWear, Multi-Protection 24 Hour Moisture Cream . I absolutely love it! It smells so fresh. Like cucumbers! It’s cool when applied which is fabulous for my overly-sensitive skin. Consistently is medium, goes on really nice and it doesn’t feel greasy at all. It made my skin feel so soft and hydrated. I also like that it has an SPF of 15. I totally love this product.

To my great surprise, I was also eligible for a free makeover.

I booked it for a few days later. I highly recommend getting a makeover if you have been using the same routine for years, have changed your hair colour (I’ve transitioned to grey in the last few years), or your skin has changed due to aging.

I arrived bright and early on Saturday morning with a clean, fresh face. I won’t scare you with before pictures.

My Estée Lauder makeover began with choosing the right foundation. Heather discussed my skin type, what kind of coverage I needed and then used this handy tool that takes the guess work out of choosing the right shade:

This handy tool at the Estee Lauder booth helps you choose the right shade of foundation.

Makeover or not, you should always get a beauty consultant to help you choose the right foundation. It makes a huge difference. Don’t be shy. Any beauty counter salesperson will be happy to help you.

Since this makeover was a trial run for my upcoming photo shoot, I asked for a more dramatic look.

I think it turned out very well!

Here I am with the beautiful Heather from the Estee Lauder counter at The Bay, Limeridge Mall in Hamilton, Ontario. If you live in the area, go say hello. She will be happy to help you!

These makeovers are great for women in their midlife prime.

If you haven’t had someone else do your makeup, you are missing out on a real treat and learning experience. Go ahead. Pamper yourself with a makeover!

Helpful tips to get the most out of your makeover:

  1. Let them know your regular routine.
  2. Ask for either a day time look or special occasion look.
  3. Discuss any concerns or problem areas. (like hooded eyes or dark circles)
  4. Ask lots of questions so you can try to duplicate the look in the future. (What are they doing and why)
  5. Take lots of pictures in different light over the next several hours to assess your makeover. (Does it flatter you? Does it highlight your best features? Does it last?)

For more tips to help you maximize your makeover, check out this post.

Here I am in my car hours later. Still looking good I think. I didn’t smile for this photo because my eyes always get so small when I do and I wanted you to see how much the right makeup can make your eyes stand out. Let a professional enhance your features. It is so worth it!

This shade of lipstick and smokey eye compliments this midlife woman's gray hair.

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