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Ok, I admit it.

I’m a stationery geek.

I love the way a new journal feels in my hands. I love the way a new pen, flows over crisp, white pages. I love the promise of organization and goal setting.

Every year, if I am not gifted a beautiful, custom and expensive journal at Christmas, I run out to an exclusive stationery store and buy one. It sets me back quite a few bucks, I tell ya. Once I get it home, I eagerly fill in the first few weeks. Then I try to adapt the other sections for my needs. I take it everywhere with me…in the beginning. But inevitably, by the end of January, my new journal is on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.

Are you like that too?

It’s really disappointing, isn’t it? You feel like you failed the journal, sitting all lonely and unused under some magazine in your office. But in reality, that journal has failed you.

A journal should be a tool to help you stay organized in your tasks and your thoughts. It should adapt to your needs and make your life better, simpler. If it can’t do that, it deserves to be forgotten.

And that is why I am absolutely in love with this new craze called bullet journaling, developed by Ryder Carroll. This simple organizational system is for those that never seem to be able to find a journal that fits their needs. It can be simple, see the video by Carroll, or it can help release all of your pent up creative juices, as you will see demonstrated in some of the bullet journal layouts below.

A bullet journal will help you set, plan and achieve your goals as well as get you super organized for 2018, if you use it.

I am going to warn you right now if you are new to the bullet journal phenomenon, there is a learning curve. And it will get messy in the beginning. It won’t be perfect, trust me. And I suggest you start out real simple, like the developer intended. Don’t get all frou frou and fancy till you have the organization part down. Because just like a regular journal, it’s useless if it is not functional for you and your life.


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Honestly, you can use any blank notebook and pen to get started. I highly suggest that you just visit your nearest dollar store for supplies. Don’t go out and spend money before you decide if this system is for you.

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Here comes the fun part! Look through all of these bullet journal layouts and decide which ones are for you. Don’t forget to check out Instagram and Pinterest for more.


25+ Incredibly Helpful Bullet Journal Layouts To Plan & Track Your Life in 2018




Important Dates Tracker

Appointment Tracker

Goal Tracker

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[#Actitud2018] 👉Y si utilizas un #bulletjournal para planificar tu año? 👉Solo necesitás un cuaderno y lapiceras de colores. Es más que una agenda! 👉Permite realizar bocetos, ilustrar ideas, hacer seguimiento de actividades y proyectos! 👉Las tareas se codifican con bullets o colores conforme hayan sido terminadas, reprogramadas o pospuestas, entre otras alternativas. 👉Según el Wall Street Journal permite tener una mejor composición de ideas y entrena el cerebro para ser más ordenado. 👉La Universidad de Virginia asegura que el estado mindfulness que surge al escribir o dibujar en el diario ayudar a conducir pensamientos sueltos hacia procesos concretos. 👉Dios es orden! Caminá hacia un 2018 bendecido! #PresenciaViernes18hs #Feliz2018 #planificacion

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Chore Tracker

Meal Planner

Recipe Tracker


Book Tracker


Movie Tracker

TV Series Tracker

Milestone Tracker

Travel Packing List

Travel Tracker

Write a book, one chapter at a time.


Bill Tracker

Debt Tracker

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I decided a couple weeks ago that 100% of what I made on eBay was going to go towards our debt. I'm nowhere near making what lots of others have been making on eBay but I feel like every little bit counts. This is page one of my debt tracker. Every square is equal to $100. There are two other pages and we have a total of about $19,000 of debt (not including our house). I'm starting with our smallest and working up to the bigger debts later. That way once I have one paid off I can roll the monthly payments over onto the next one. Here goes nothing! My goal is to have it all paid off in one year. I'm not sure how realistic that is at this point but I'm aiming high! Wish me luck! I got this cute hexagon idea from @heysheplans ❤️ I'm such a visual person and this helps the process to be more fun for me.

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Savings Tracker

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Gratitude Tracker

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"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." –John Kabat-Zinn ✨ — On the other side of Hurricane Irma, I feel like I have a renewed perspective on what matters most. Stuff? Stuff can be replaced. People? Relationships? Our calling on this earth? That's what matters. And in that spirit, I thought I'd share a few pics of my finished gratitude log from August. And if you swipe ⬅️, you'll even see my @1secondeveryday video from the month with glimpses of all that I'm so grateful for! 💕 — My beachy theme for August found its way onto this two-page spread in the form of sun and sea. And I had fun letting my handmade font stretch with the rays and ebb and flow with the waves. ☀️🌊 — I've decided this is my most important log to keep up in my bullet journal. Above all else, I hope to grow in gratitude. And sometimes a storm plows through your state and skyrockets that growth. 😅 — I hope everyone in Irma's path is safe and that your home was spared of great damage. I'm praying for us all in the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, that we'd not try to go it alone but support each other. For the full tale on how we weathered #Irmageddon, stop by my personal profile, @thinkingcloset. Grateful for you, planner pals! 👊 — ✍️ #LaurensPlannerPages

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Step Tracker



Need some tips and inspiration to get yourself organized and track your life in 2018? Here are 25+ bullet journal layouts, spreads and collections to help you. #bujo #bulletjournal #journal


Need some tips and inspiration to get yourself organized and track your life in 2018? Here are 25+ bullet journal layouts, spreads and collections to help you. #bujo #bulletjournal #journal

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