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7 Beginner Capsule Wardrobe Tips

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If you want to feel confident, comfortable, and true to your own signature style in every single outfit you own, a capsule wardrobe might be perfect for you! The idea is to pare down your clothing to a small collection (most people aim for around 30-something total items for each season) of pieces that you love and feel great wearing. Your capsule wardrobe should only include items that you can easily mix and match so you’ll have plenty of outfit options and won’t feel like you’ve committed to living in a fashion rut or a daily “uniform.”

Though the point of a capsule wardrobe is to simplify your closet, getting one set up can be a little tricky if you’re not sure how to do it. You can take the guesswork out of creating a simplified wardrobe that has you looking and feeling amazing every day with these 7 helpful capsule wardrobe hacks.

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

1. Use white, black, and blue for base pieces

Neutral, classic colours like white, black, and blue make the best capsule wardrobe base pieces. Not only do they go with pretty much everything, but they always look classy. Since they don’t “jump out” like bright colours and patterns, these classic shades won’t start to look and feel overdone after you’ve worn them several times, and chances are, no one will even notice if you wear the same piece more than once in the same week.

2. Use only one or two accent colours

Another key to keeping your wardrobe simple is sticking to only one or two accent colours when you want to liven up your neutral bases. While different accent colours may look just fine with your neutral base pieces, they likely won’t work so well with each other. This can dramatically reduce the total number of outfits you can make with your capsule wardrobe. Whether you love red, gold, or pastel pink, figure out which one or two accent colours best complement your skin tone and fit in with your overall style, and weave them into your closet.

3. Choose the right size and fit for you

To feel amazing in every single outfit, you need clothing that fits you perfectly. I think we’ve all had that experience of buying a dress that’s just slightly too small, counting on losing a few pounds to be able to wear it, or of holding onto that one pair of pants we got on sale that just didn’t turn out to be that flattering. With a capsule wardrobe, there’s no room for “almost” or “someday” pieces that will take up space in your closet and rarely, if ever, be worn.

No matter what size or shape you are right now, clothing that’s properly fitted for your body type will always look better than hiding in clothing that’s too big or squeezing into clothing that’s too small. If you have “almost” pieces that you love, look into getting them tailored. You can often get simple alterations done for a very reasonable price. Don’t buy for the size and shape you wish you were or used to be. These are pieces you’ll be wearing regularly, so make sure you feel comfortable in them!

4. Choose clothes for the life you have

When creating a capsule wardrobe, it’s important to consider your daily activities and ensure that the items you choose are appropriate for them. For example, if you’re someone who typically wears yoga pants and loose tops, filling your closet with cute little black dresses and flowy skirts isn’t going to simplify your life. On the other hand, if you work in an office that requires a bit of dressing up, you don’t want a closet full of clothing that only works for Casual Friday. So, when choosing your pieces, make sure they fit your lifestyle. If you’re someone who works in an office, consider including some office wear for women in your capsule wardrobe. And don’t try to copy someone else’s ideal wardrobe unless it closely aligns with your own personal style.

5. Spend on quality, not quantity

You get so much more for your money when you invest in a smaller number of quality pieces, instead of a closet full of cheap ones. Better quality clothing lasts longer and stays looking nice longer (less chance of pilling, fading, or quickly wearing out). Better quality clothing tends to fit better, (and is actually worth investing in tailoring if you need small adjustments made). Quality pieces will look so nice and work so well together that the focus will always be on you and your general sense of style, not on that distractingly worn-out top.

6. Ignore trends

Capsule wardrobes are decidedly classic, not trendy! Don’t buy into the latest styles just for the sake of “keeping it interesting.” Trendy pieces (especially if you’re wearing them frequently) will stick out like a sore thumb among your classic ones. They may be cute and fun the first couple of times you wear them, but you’ll soon get bored with them, and by the end of the season, they’ll be headed for the donation pile. Staying true to your authentic tastes will always be in style, so stop chasing trends! A capsule wardrobe should be a collection of quality pieces that look great season after season. Having to replace all of your trendy pieces whenever they fall out of fashion defeats the purpose of simplifying your closet in the first place!

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7. Make sure all pieces interchange

To get the full benefit of a capsule wardrobe, you should be able to grab nearly any top-and-bottom combination in your closet and have them work together. You want to avoid having any pieces that only work with one other item. One of the biggest benefits of a capsule wardrobe is that each piece can work in a wide variety of different outfits, so don’t limit yourself by including pieces that don’t play well with the others in your closet.

If you keep these tips in mind and keep your focus on honouring your own sense of style, you’ll be able to put together a capsule wardrobe that helps you look and feel effortlessly amazing every single day!

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