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One of the top searches that brings readers to my blog is, “At what age should I stop coloring my hair?”. I think if you have landed here looking for the answer to that question, chances are you are thinking about transitioning to grey hair and that you are hoping for validation of your thoughts.

Maybe you need a push or a little courage.

But no one, including me, will be able to give you a definitive answer and say you must stop dyeing your hair at X age. I mean, there is no law after which you will be fined for buying hair dye. And relax. It’s not an irreversible decision. If you do grow out your grey hair and you don’t like it, you can always go back to dyeing your hair.

However, I do want to encourage you to try to go all the way grey before you decide that you do not like your gray hair and want to start colouring again. The transition stage is by far the hardest. And I must warn you, your hair will more than likely look like crap during this period. I can’t tell you how many women say to me, “I would go gray if my hair looked like yours.” And I reply, “How do you know it isn’t?”

You can not judge what your full head of gray hair will look like when you are growing out your colour. Gray roots next to coloured hair is very deceiving. You can not really tell what shade of grey, silver or white your hair will be until the transition is complete. If you can get through the transition stage, you may be pleasantly surprised at what nature has given you.

When to go gray

Deciding to stop or continue is a personal choice. You must do what makes you feel happy and makes you feel good about yourself. If that means stopping the dyeing at 30 or continuing till you are 90, I applaud your decision to do so. You should do what feels right to you and not be pressured either way.

Personally, I stopped covering my gray at 51. I was tired of the upkeep more than the outlay of money. And I was really, really bad at the maintenance so it was an easy decision for me. I cut my hair super short to make my transition stage immediate and have loved my silver linings ever since. I get compliments all the time and some actually think my grey streaks are highlights!

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t wavered or thought about going back. Whenever I see younger pictures of myself or see someone with fabulous highlights or some funky colours like pink or purple, I get a tinge of the maybe’s. But then I remember how much I hated going to the salon every 4 weeks or I get a compliment on my hair colour, and I am back to loving it.

And I have to admit, during this time of lockdown, I am so thrilled that I didn’t have to worry about roots!

At what age do most women decide to go grey?

In response to the most searched question, I decided to poll my readers to get an idea of when most women decide to go grey. 

Here are the results so far with just over 22,000 respondents:

At what age did you stop coloring your hair?

  • age 50-59 – 32.91%
  • over age 60 – 26.14%
  • age 40-49 – 21.08%
  • age 30-39 – 7.76%
  • under age 29 – 1.71%

Another 7.46% said they would never stop dyeing their hair and a surprising 2.94%, said they had never colored their hair. I don’t know how they didn’t fall to the temptation in their younger years because I changed my hair colour more often than my underwear in my teens and early twenties!

I hope these results help you make a decision either way. Remember, it is your decision and you can always change your mind. As long as you feel great and confident, it is the right decision for you.

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