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Have you heard of Angel Lift? If you’re a Shark Tank fan, you may have seen the product when they were pitching for funding from the Sharks.


When I first saw the Dermastrips, it made perfect sense to me.  A girlfriend from my old neighborhood and I had both been ‘late in life’ braces gals.  She was in her early 40’s, I was in my late 40’s (yes, I turned 50 with braces on).  When we got our bands off, we both noticed how full and ‘pouty’ our lip area looked.  It didn’t last.  Slowly, the youthful fullness faded away.

The Dermastips offer this same effect. The consistent pressure from regular use of the strips causes your skin to respond by building up the area, giving it a plumper look.

Made of plastic and shaped to fit in your mouth, both upper and lower, the strips provide a soft pressure against your lips. Here are my strips after a year of use.  You can see they hold up well.


I can recommend the product, even with the ridiculous price.  It’s far less expensive than fillers or surgery and they do last. If you decide to give them a try, the Starter Kit at $79 is a better buy than the $119 Angel Lift Complete. The additional skin care products you’re paying for with the Complete Set may not be any better than what you’re using now.

Do you watch the Shark Tank? Then you have seen Angel Lift Dermastrips. Let me share with you my experience with them in this review.


Do you have a favorite product you can recommend?

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