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  • Life isn’t fair.
  • Sometimes bad people win and good people lose.
  • Some people are just plain lucky. It may never be you.
  • No one ever has it as easy as you think they do.
  • We blame life for our lives because it’s easy to do.
  • Nothing good ever comes from focusing on blame.

As you get older you learn that time moves on.

  • Failure is not always bad. Success is not always good.
  • It is what you learn from each that makes the difference.
  • One moment in time can change your whole life.
  • How you view that moment affects your future more than the actual event.
  • Time moves on even if you don’t.
  • Staying hopeful and positive in life is key. Sometimes the only choice you have is to be hopeful and positive.
  • We waste too much time worrying about things we can not change.
  • We don’t make enough effort changing the things we can.
  • Every decision you make will be viewed by someone as wrong.
  • We let people who will not be affected sway our decisions.

Growing as a person and making decisions is key to a happy life.

  • No decision is a decision.
  • Our free will is usually limited by our own minds.
  • We say yes to others too much.
  • We say no to ourselves too often.
  • It is harder to change someone else’s view than our own.
  • Don’t try to change someone else, change your situation.

People in life may judge you but that's okay.

  • We feel guilty when we allow others’ expectations to invade our own.
  • We waste too much time comparing ourselves with others.
  • We spend too much time over analyzing our circumstances and not how we feel.
  • The lies we tell ourselves are more dangerous than the lies we tell others.
  • Live within your own emotional means and you will be less stressed.
  • Those that judge the most usually have the most skeletons.

You're never too old to make new friends in life.

  • You never really know anyone.
  • You don’t have to like everyone.
  • Everyone doesn’t have to like you.
  • First impressions can be wrong.
  • Best foes can become best friends.
  • Friends will come and go through your life and that’s okay.
  • You are never too old to make new friends.

Growing as a person involves looking at the cup as half full.

  • Knowing your own wants, dreams and aspirations is hard.
  • We are never really sure what will make us happy.
  • The cup is half empty because you drank some.
  • Sometimes content should be good enough.
  • We try too hard for the big impact when the smallest gesture can cause a larger ripple effect.

The past is always a lesson and never a punishment.

  • Controlling all variables is impossible.
  • The only constant is change.
  • Asking for help is a strength not a weakness.
  • The past is a lesson, not a punishment.
  • If you always focus on what is missing, you will lose sight of what you already have.

Knowing what your flaw are can be your best asset in life.

  • Knowing your flaws can be your best asset.
  • Forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself.
  • Problems are solved with solutions not excuses.
  • The older I get, the more I have to learn.
  • Life begins afresh everyday. Embrace it, experience it and learn something new.
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