42 Reasons To Celebrate A Child-Free Midlife

Motherhood is a choice. I chose to be child-free and I have no regrets. I respect women who choose differently but here are reasons why I’m glad I never had kids.

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5 Reasons Why Couples Can’t Get Out Of Debt

Here are money mistakes and reasons why couples can’t seem to get out of debt and tips how to successfully merge financially moving forward.

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7 Easy DIY Dollar Store Patio Ideas You Can Finish This Weekend

These 7 dollar store patio ideas will make your backyard a summer oasis. Get them all done in one weekend on budget. Be frugal with style and start to enjoy the warmer weather outdoors now.

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5 Under $5 Makeup Products You Need To Look Hot This Summer

This is a list of 5 under $5 makeup products is THE BEST! Stick to your budget and save money. Grab your summer essentials now.

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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Keep Your Home Clean And Organized

If you are fed up with living in a mess, clear up your schedule and ask yourself one question – what actually prevents you from living in a clean and organized home.

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