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5 Amazing Restaurants In Nashville

If you like to eat, Nashville is the place for you. The variety of places to eat, types food and price range are astounding!

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5 Tips For Taking Awesome Selfies For The Timid Midlife Woman

I went to the experts, teenage girls, and I asked for advice about taking awesome selfies. Here are the tips that boosted my selfie-confidence.

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Why Gratitude Should Be Your Drug Of Choice

Lots of research has been conducted into different areas of how gratitude impacts the human mind and body and the results have surprised even the most stoic researchers.

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3 Surprising Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Divorce

I’ve learned during my divorce, that you can only see the lesson if you are brave enough to look through the sorrow and the sadness. You can only reach understanding if you are willing to wade through the pain.

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5 Tips To Rock Short Hair When You Are Ready For A Drastic Change

I realize the prospect of short hair is extremely scary for someone who has always sported long hair. Here are some tips to rock short hair when you are ready for a drastic change.

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Best Way To Get Around Croatia

People always ask me why I love Croatia so much. And as I’m starting in 2016 to stay here as much as in my “home” of California, I’m going to explain why that includes the best way to get around Croatia.

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